Full-Stack React Projects Second Edition

Full-Stack React Projects

Second Edition
Shama Hoque

A practical, project-based guide to full-stack JavaScript web development combining the power of React with industry-tested server-side technologies.

Full-Stack React Projects will take you through the process of preparing the development environment for MERN stack-based web development, creating a basic skeleton app, and extending it to build six different web apps. You’ll build apps for social media, classrooms, media streaming, online marketplaces with real-time bidding, and web-based games with virtual reality features.

Throughout the book, you’ll learn how MERN stack web development works, extend its capabilities for complex features, and gain actionable insights into creating MERN-based apps, along with exploring industry best practices to meet the ever-increasing demands of the real world.

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MERN Skeleton

A skeleton application with basic user CRUD and auth features - developed using React, Node, Express and MongoDB

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MERN Social

A simple social media application with users, posts, likes and comments

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MERN Classroom

A simple web-based classroom application that allows instructors to add courses with lessons, while students can enroll in these courses and track their progress

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MERN Marketplace

An online marketplace application with seller accounts, product search and suggestions, shopping cart, order management, payment processing with Stripe, and live auction with Socket.io

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MERN Expense Tracker

An expense tracking application with data visualization

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MERN Mediastream

A media streaming application with media upload and stream features

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A web-based game application with VR features

About the author

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Shama Hoque

She has more than 9 years of experience as a software developer and mentor, with a master’s in software engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.

From Java programming to full-stack development with JavaScript, the applications she has worked on include national Olympiad registration websites, universally accessible widgets, video conferencing apps, and medical 3D reconstruction software.

Currently, she makes web-based prototypes for R&D start-ups in California, while training aspiring software engineers and teaching web development to CS undergrads in Bangladesh.

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